FREIES RADIKAL offers workshops that enable teams and individuals to expand upon and further develop their communication and leadership skills: for greater productivity and personal satisfaction, and truly collaborative teamwork.

FREIES RADIKAL advises companies as they implement change management processes: to create a talent-friendly and forward-looking working environment that ensures the organisation’s long-term sustainability.

FREIES RADIKAL gives talks on leadership, self-organisation and the future of work.

Workshops & team development

FREIES RADIKAL designs and conducts workshops that focus on leadership, mutually respectful communication, and the implementation of agile processes.

FREIES RADIKAL workshops support each participant in developing their individual communication style and personal leadership skills.

This fosters personal growth and facilitates more productive, respectful collaboration and communication within teams and across hierarchical structures.

Within a positive communication culture, agile processes can be introduced into an organisation as part of a future-oriented change management plan.

Workshops are offered for both organisations and individuals.

Collectively-oriented leadership requires honing an ability to recognise and foster existing abilities and hidden talents in team members, who can then be encouraged to develop self-leadership skills. Successful leaders create a working environment in which the voices of traditionally subordinate persons can be heard and valued. They recognise the benefits of diversity and divergent perspectives. Their team members are productive, responsible, and loyal. Individuals’ talents and abilities flourish, and nobody is subjected to discrimination.

Agile processes are decision-making and teamwork structures that are flexible and only as hierarchical as is necessary for an organisation to function efficiently.

Workshop example:

“Leadership and Agility”: Introduction to the collectively-oriented leadership style, team dynamics, and the development of agile processes; direct experience of how open communication and meta-communication can transcend hierarchies; strategies for fostering team spirit, innovation, and productivity.
Workshop goals and specific content are always adapted to individual circumstances and requirements.

FREIES RADIKAL workshops designed specifically for women* and groups of women* open up a space in which participants can explore and further develop their individual leadership and communication styles. Experimenting creatively with different ways of presenting personal skills and achievements is not only enjoyable and enlightening, but also boots self-confidence. Sharing experiences with other women* helps (gender-)specific communicative challenges to be identified and addressed. Inspired by new experiences and equipped with strategies for dealing with recurrent challenges, participants recognise that they have the capacity to shape their everyday working environment.

Workshop example:

“Time to shine”: An empowering setting in which to reflect upon and develop an individual style of leadership; hone self-marketing skills while staying true to oneself; address potential disparities between self-perceptions and the perceptions of others; deal with gender-specific communication challenges in organisational contexts; expand personal networks.

The star here indicates that my understanding of gender is not restricted to a male/female binary. Some people may not wish to or be able to identify themselves as simply male or female. Hence, FREIES RADIKAL workshops for women* are not only open to persons who have been biologically defined as female since birth. They invite the participation of all persons (including cis women, intersex, trans) who experience or have at some time experienced social interactions in the role of women*.

Workshop goals and specific content are always adapted to individual circumstances and requirements.

Strategic consultancy for organisations

Positive team dynamics, collectively-oriented leadership, and an equitable work environment are features that attract young talent. They must be considered core aspects of corporate strategy. Organisations can benefit from advice and guidance on how leadership styles and communication culture can be transformed and more agile processes successfully incorporated.

FREIES RADIKAL offers workshops that introduce a range of future-proofing strategies, and also designs and oversees long-term team development projects that secure ongoing sustainability, satisfaction, and capacity for innovation.

FREIES RADIKAL also gives talks on the importance of leadership and self-organisation for a positive, future-proof organisational culture.

Methods and theoretical framework

Team dynamics

Informed by social scientific research into leadership, roles, and hierarchies in teams

Creative methods

Design thinking, storytelling, and a wide range of inspiring exercises to expand communication skills and build trust within teams

Behavioural Design

Contributions from neurological science that reveal the effects of structural discrimination in the workplace, and how it can be countered