FREIES RADIKAL empowers organisations and individuals to improve their communication and to successfully implement change.

Workshops and consulting

Collaborative change management for teams

FREIES RADIKAL facilitates team workshops in which participants expand upon and develop their leadership and communication skills. Prejudices and hierarchies are identified and broken down so that structures can become more permeable. As a result, communication within teams becomes open and unintimidating for all involved. This lays the foundation for improving key work processes and an organisation’s long-term performance.

Consulting for

FREIES RADIKAL offers change management advice and support for organisations that wish to increase their performance and ensure future sustainability by improving internal communication and processes. Key features are the analysis and improvement of team dynamics, the strengthening of leadership skills, and the creation of an equitable, talent-friendly working environment.
FREIES RADIKAL facilitates team and strategic events and gives talks on leadership, self-organisation and the future of work.


Empowerment and leadership
for women*

FREIES RADIKAL offers workshops for women* that create a secure setting in which leadership skills can be fine-tuned and empowerment directly experienced. Each participant is supported as they explore and refine their own personal communication and leadership styles. Within the group, they experiment together and learn from one another. Participants leave equipped with the skills necessary to direct more effective, mutually respectful, and fulfilling communication in any situation.

"Radical simply means grasping things at the root."
Angela Davis

The Challenges

Attracting and retaining talent

Generations Y and Z want to actively shape organisations rather than simply follow instructions. They feel repressed by rigid hierarchies.

How can a forward-looking workplace be created to attract members of these generations and foster high performance – sustainably, not just short-term?

How can the Ys’ and Zs’ desire for autonomy and a good work-life balance be met without hindering the economic success of the organisation?

What kind of leadership and how much self-organisation does this require, and how can that equilibrium be established?

FREIES RADIKAL helps teams and organisations find answers to these questions and to implement them in accordance with individual circumstances.

Diversifying leadership

Women* are indispensable to the economic success of organisations, not least because they represent over 50% of customers, and their purchasing power and social influence continue to grow.

Organisations cannot afford to neglect the voices of diverse women*. These voices must be allowed to make themselves heard and they must be listened to.

If women* are a primary or secondary target group for an organisation’s products or services, it is essential that they also exert influence in the leadership of that organisation.

Sustainable organisations need women* in leadership roles and young women* need female role models who confidently fill these roles.

FREIES RADIKAL helps companies to diversify their executive boards and empowers women* and men to reflect and expand upon their individual leadership skills.

How does diversity of age and gender increase the long-term sustainability of organisations?

Diversity and the incorporation of multiple perspectives can only have a positive impact if internal communication takes place on an equal footing. Inputs need to be actively engaged with, regardless of where they come from within existing hierarchies. To achieve this, a new, collectively-oriented leadership style is required.

FREIES RADIKAL offers support in the development of leadership and communication skills that bring positive change to organisations’ internal cultures – the foundation for successful change management.

Teams need settings in which individuals are listened to and their contributions valued, regardless of the speaker’s role, gender, age, or other characteristics. For this to succeed, all team members need to reflect upon their own positionality and develop meta-communication skills.

Meta-communication is communication between the lines; that which is not said but nonetheless implicitly conveyed. Shaping meta-communication requires a conscious effort and must be carefully thought through – a challenge that digitalisation alone cannot resolve.

FREIES RADIKAL provides the tools and support that organisations need in order to successfully re-shape their internal meta-communication – as a team.